Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Creative Life

Everybody's doing it.

I know I'm jumping on the bandwagon a little late, but I guess it's better late then never. I mean, who knows? Someone could think my blog entries are actually interesting, and I could get a book deal like Julie Powell did when she wrote about the whole Julie/Julia project.

Probably not though.

In any case, I was just sitting here, looking at my 67 photo albums on Facebook and thinking, "God, I've had an awesome life. I should blog about it."

So here I am.

I may not be the worlds best writer, but I have a lot to write about. It begins with my family.

I grew up in Mumbai, India. My mother is a journalist and is the managing editor of a fabulously fabulous Fashion and Lifestyle magazine that shall remain nameless. Let's just say that when my mother walks into an event and shows her business card at the counter, people stand up to greet her.

My father is an orthopedic surgeon. That's a bone doctor for all those who don't know. So, you know, if you ever break a leg or an arm or now know of a good doctor who can set things right. And that's just what my father is - a good doctor. He's honest when it comes to his patients and never overcharges or takes advantage of his patients. No wonder we're poor. It's always the evil that are rich.

My sister is a copyrighter at an advertising agency. Her achievement is that she not only eats, sleeps and breathes advertising - but she magically manages to have a life too. She's always out and about, leading a very Friends or How I Met Your Mother kind of life.

And then, there's the cousins.

My fathers side of my family has always been very musically oriented. Almost everyone sings or plays some kind of instrument. Growing up, my dad would sing Beatles songs to me and my sister, which impacted us greatly.

And this is why I am a writer, a singer and a filmmaker. I got the writing from my mother and sister, the music from my dad and cousins and the filmmaking from within. Plus I'm sure the random drama caused by Rani, my maid, added to the whole filmmaking thing.

But even though I've been working on the three creative arts mentioned above, it still hasn't been enough for me. I want to experience all the creative arts out there. I have worked in fashion and event planning. I have been a web designer, a songwriter and a poet. Now I want to work on photography and playwriting. I've started dancing and have taken an interest in theater. I want to learn how to paint and draw (which I currently suck at) and how to work with animation.

And that's what I intend to explore in this blog. Creativity in all it's forms. My goal from now on is to take on and learn about all the creative arts, and document my experiences in this blog. I am undertaking a really fun journey here, and I hope my readers will travel to my crazy destinations with me.


  1. This is so sweet! I didn't know you saw us this way :) MOONY!

  2. hahaha..rani added to ure filmmaking abilities! u can thank her during ure oscar speech :-) very well written blinder singh